The main reason for CBD’s runaway popularity in recent years has, of course, been the many health benefits it offers and for which it is coming to be known. CBD has anecdotally been shown to help with anxiety, sleep problems, chronic pain, and even local injury. However, another reason – part and parcel with the other one – for its popularity has been the sheer diversity of CBD products available. From broad spectrum CBD and CBD oil to CBD vapes and supplements, CBD can be taken in almost any way imaginable. This is what has made it so appealing to a broad market. Certainly, CBD’s old association with stoners and drug culture is coming to an end. 

However, despite the many forms CBD products can take, some are still not well known at all. One of these is sublingual CBD, which refers to CBD taken sublingually – or under the tongue. If you have any acquaintance with medication, then you will probably be aware that there are a great many which are taken in this way. There aren’t any taste buds under the tongue, and so this is not one of the CBD administration methods which is really about enjoyment. Yammy CBD, a company specializing in CBD products, say that people even cook with CBD, and it is often incorporated into tasty products like gummies or vapes. 

Sublingual CBD does not fall into this category. Rather, the reasons for taking it in this way are purely related to health. 

What Difference Does Taking CBD Sublingually Make? 

The reason sublingual CBD – or any sublingual product at all – exists is that it is a unique administration method with equally unique advantages. Underneath the tongue lie the sublingual glands, which are saliva glands that produce about 3% of saliva in our mouths. These glands are fed with blood by a dense network of capillaries around them. Also located in this part of the mouth is an absorbent mucous membrane, which is highly efficient at absorbing substances into the bloodstream. It is for this reason people take substances sublingually. 

When you take substances in this way, they go straight into the bloodstream (and particularly efficiently at that) and therefore bypass the digestive system, which would filter out a lot of the substance. When you take CBD in this way, it isn’t just absorbed efficiently and in significant quantities, but it is also efficiently transported all around the body via the bloodstream. 

This is the main reason to take CBD sublingually. The desired effects of sublingual CBD products rely on this type of administration method. Accordingly, sublingual CBD usually takes form of a liquid, which is dripped under tongue with a dropper. 

Advantages of Sublingual CBD  

So, what are the benefits of sublingual CBD? When should you take it in this way and for what conditions? Sublingual CBD is good for those taking CBD to ease chronic pain and things like fatigue, which effect the whole body. Sublingual CBD is always a pure health product – and sometimes people don’t like the taste of it. For those seeking to integrate CBD into things like food and smoking, this is naturally not the best form. However, for those taking it purely as a medicine, this is not only the quickest and most efficient way to absorb the substance, but also the one which will ensure it has the desired effect. 

And that, ultimately, is all you need to know about sublingual CBD. It is one of the desired forms when CBD is being taken as a medication. For anything else, there are many more CBD products to explore.