Soberlink is a wireless alcohol monitoring device featuring a side camera, the blue status light on the mouthpiece, and a power button. The gadget has a long battery life and may be scheduled automatically. That can be used by up to five persons who have been permitted to use it. It permits testing to take place anywhere in the globe and provides real-time findings. Custom reports and reporting criteria are possible with the device’s extensive reporting options.

Ideal Gadgets

The precision of Soberlink reviews is excellent. It has a detection range of 0.000% to 0.400% with an accuracy of 0.005%, giving it one of the most precise gadgets on the market. It also has a full-service customer support department, among other useful features. Clients can reach out to the firm for assistance or to have their findings sent to a specific individual. It’s hard to disguise alcohol usage and cheat on recovery with Soberlink.

Soberlink is also a fantastic place to work. It’s not for nothing that their staff provide glowing Soberlink evaluations on the internet. The organisation values its employees, which is shown in their equipment and technology.

It’s simple to use and transport

Soberlink review is unobtrusive and simple to use. The user may easily carry the compact, unobtrusive gadget wherever they need to go. The results can be mailed to anyone or anything you like. Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring system that can assist you in staying clean and making a positive impact on your life. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your information, Soberlink has built-in measures to secure your privacy and identity.

Keep in touch

Soberlink allows you to keep in touch with a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism. By offering a real-time progress evaluation and an accountability record, Soberlink promotes responsibility and structure. It also gives therapy therapists the ability to intervene if needed. You can also get email updates from Soberlink to monitor how your loved one is doing. If you want to know exactly what is going on, you may improve their skills and ask them directly.

Customer service is simple

The Soberlink gadget is lightweight and simple to operate. It also has a customer service section and a compliance department. Soberlink is the most cost-effective again alcohol monitoring solution available. Unfortunately, many customers may not be satisfied with the device’s ease of use. Not everyone is a good fit for Soberlink. It can be dangerous to recovering alcoholics in some circumstances. It is suggested for persons who have difficulty driving.


For persons with alcohol addictions, the Soberlink is an extremely effective alcohol monitoring device. The BAC-monitoring equipment has an average accuracy of +/-0.005 BAC and a detection range of 0.000 per cent to 0.400 per cent. Soberlink is simple to use and take with you. Customers can even request a Soberlink to be mailed to them if they have a drinking issue.