Health screening in general helps people to understand more of themselves and as a means of prevention against certain diseases. We may have heard and know that regular health screening should be practised but it should be taken in account for mental health. A physically healthy body and a healthy mind can certainly bring a good life by making the person a functional human being in the society setting.

Taking care of our health may not seem an easy task as the world we live in nowadays is quite stressful and filled with unhealthy eateries. Part of ways to be healthy is by practising good eating habits of having balanced meals according to the food pyramid, doing regular physical activity and to manage stress well. People might have been underestimating the importance of taking care of their health yet only to realise when they are severely sick, their health means almost everything and no amount of guilt can fix this. Among importance of taking care if health is:

1-     One of the most prominent benefits of being healthy is it helps you to live longer. A study shows that by eating a healthy diet such as healthy drinks, no smoking and regular exercise may increase a person’s lifespan of 14 years. You can try to eat right by making a commitment to eating the food that provides health values. It is much easier this way rather than solely thinking of looking better by being slim.

2-     Staying healthy can make you feel better about yourself. Exercising helps to release hormones that help you to feel happy and relax. Some people may even feel more confident of themselves knowing they are healthy. If you are lucky, you may even look better while looking at yourself in the mirror and it helps to build your self-esteem.

3-     People with a healthy lifestyle are often those who are proven to have lower levels of stress and anxiety. It is necessary to learn how to manage stress effectively and to learn relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or practising mindfulness.

4-     Being healthy can help preserve your body organs so that your body can function well throughout your life. It helps you to have good eyesight, a functional walking limb and the cognitive brain to work well.

5-     Taking care of health definitely lowers medical costs. Cutting on medical bills can help you save more money on much more necessary living expenses.

6-     Good health can increase your fertility. Study shows males that exercised regularly have a higher sperm level.

7-     Cheaper life insurance. A healthy lifestyle helps to narrow down the insurance you need to buy. This makes the fee you are paying for insurance is less compared to those who have life insurance and are experiencing other medical conditions.

8-     To function well in society and be able. Being healthy means less need of asking for assistance from others and makes a person become much more independent to make sure they are safe on their own.

By knowing the importance of taking care of their health, people should really pay attention to their health as early as they can. We only have one life and one body to live with, be sure to use it wisely and to love it dearly. Being healthy does not only means to have a good physical, it is certain that mental health and social well-being plays a big role in bringing a broader definition to health.