If you are in need of effective teeth whitening alternative and have tried whitening toothpaste and strips with no success, you should consult the dentist at the dental labs nyc of Cayster about Zoom teeth whitening. Zoom teeth whitening, as the name suggests, may give you a noticeably whiter smile in just an hour. If your stained teeth are bothering you, arrange an appointment with your dentist.

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What is zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom is a bleaching procedure commonly used in the United States and worldwide to brighten the discoloration of enamel and dentin. Drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and smoking can cause tooth discoloration

The aging process can also discolor and darken your teeth. The Zoom tooth whitening treatment uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to activate the 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening, which is said to speed up the bleaching process.

As the hydrogen peroxide degrades, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bleach the discolored substances while leaving the tooth structure unaltered.

Treatment Planning and Consultation

Before deciding whether zoom teeth whitening is ideal for you, the dentists at dental labs nyc will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to guarantee proper health and discuss your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits to establish if whitening will benefit you. It will assist you, and your dentist will choose the best whitening product or approach.

Suppose you consider additional cosmetic dental operations, such as veneers or composite bonding. In that case, your dentist may recommend whitening to ensure a better match between the restoration and your natural dentition or after braces are removed. Whitening may not be your best option depending on the state of your teeth and your goals for changing the appearance of your smile.

The Zoom Procedure

Although the complete procedure takes less than an hour, a routine tooth cleaning is recommended before the Zoom teeth whitening session. The treatment begins with a short preparation in which the lips and gums are covered, but the teeth remain visible. The dentist or dental assistant will then apply the zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which will work in unison with the zoom light to penetrate the teeth and break up the stains and discoloration. The gel stays for about 15 minutes when the light is switched on. You can rest, watch TV, or listen to music during this time.

The gel is applied during three 15-minute periods of light activation, totaling 45 minutes of therapy duration. Individuals with a strong gag reflex or nervousness may find the entire procedure difficult. Following that, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel is put to the teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening benefits

The following are the benefits of using Zoom teeth whitening procedures to achieve a whiter, more natural-looking smile:

The treatment is simple.

Teeth whitening does not have to be an arduous or painful operation. Zoom teeth whitening, as the name suggests, instantly whitens teeth. The dentist will discuss tooth whitening options with patients during their initial consultation. If the dental practitioner determines that teeth whitening is the best option for correcting tooth discoloration, a specific plan will be developed.

The dentist shall apply a whitening varnish to the teeth’ surface before applying a quick-drying sealant to treat superficial discoloration. After 30 minutes, the patient can brush or wipe away the varnish to reveal a whiter, more natural grin.

For severe discoloration, the dentist would need to divide the treatment into three 15-minute sessions within one appointment. During these appointments, the dentist at dental labs nyc will apply the whitening gel to the teeth and use the WhiteSpeed light. Once the teeth whitening operation is complete, they will provide a customized care package so that patients may manage any lingering pain and maintain the appearance of their smile.

Home teeth whitening is possible.

The dentist can offer a teeth whitening kit, allowing people to whiten their teeth at home for convenience. However, the possibility of doing at-home teeth whitening depends on the degree of discoloration and the patient’s desire for results. Based on the patient’s needs, the dentist will discuss the available options and recommend the best solution. Teeth whitening at home allows individuals to whiten their teeth whenever they want.

It is ideal for sensitive teeth.

Patients with sensitive teeth can still have their teeth whitened using Zoom. The teeth whitening varnish and gel have been carefully designed to avoid tooth or gum irritation. During the surgery, patients may experience brief bursts of pain. Most patients, however, are willing to endure a bit of discomfort in exchange for whiter teeth.

Highly effective results


With so many over-the-counter options accessible, people frequently question the need for professional teeth whitening. The short answer is that professional solutions are more effective and have fewer adverse effects. Many over-the-counter teeth-whitening treatments contain chemicals that might cause tooth enamel damage and make your teeth more sensitive over time.

Furthermore, the concentration of whitening chemicals in over-the-counter treatments is lower, making the effects less evident. Patients will notice a considerable difference in the color of their smile after just one Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

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