Love is one of the most passionate events that can happen to a human. When it happens everything seems beautiful, romantic, and blissful. A person feels like he/she is on the seventh cloud. In this event, the dopamine of the human brain is in its peak state or worst state, it depends from situation to situation.

We are sure in your life around you, that you have already seen people who are doing some amazing and crazy things in love.  Everyone experiences this state in their lifespan. This is the timing that we can consider the craziest and most peaceful phase of human life. Now you are thinking about where astrology comes in love.

Astrology plays an important role in love. Some people are aware of it and some are not. How does astrology impact a person’s love life? A famous astrologer believes you can make your love life blissful in a way you never imagined. Let’s see how astrology makes your love life blissful. What is love astrology?

Love Astrology

Astrology, we know everything we do is connected with astrology. It does not matter where you live, what you do, and how you look. From getting a profit in the business to meeting with the right person in your life, it’s all connected with astrology somehow. The set of rituals, and performing some things in a certain way that make a person’s love life blissful, beautiful, and stress-free is called love astrology.

We are living in a world of two faced people. In this world meeting with a person who understands you in a way nobody can is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Once you find that person, making a connection with him like two body one soul is a miracle these days. Love astrology makes these miracles true. Thousands of people share their experiences regarding the love of astrology. How did they revive their relationship from a situation where it was impossible?

Planets of love

The planet of love is Venus according to astrology. When the Venus planet is in its right place, your love life fills with harmony, pleasure, and affection. When people ask an astrologer about Venus, he/she says, Venus has the power of happiness, love, and attraction.  Three houses are related to the love life of human beings. Let’s get into more deeply:

Here Everything start

A human’s love life starts in the 5th house. This is the house that is responsible for romance, fun, and pleasure in your life. It is also responsible to release the energies which might build the base of your love life.

When Venus enters the 5th house of human astrology, the person meets with the person who is going to enter into a relationship with him. At this point, a human starts dating that person and making understanding with that person. Then slowly the relationship evolves from one stage to another stage.

The house of Understanding and responsibilities

As the relationship grows now Venus enters the 7th house of your astrology, The house which is responsible for how two people understand each other. How do couples take responsibility for each other?

Here couples understand more deeply about each other and take responsibility for their action, reaction, and roles in the relationship. In this house, the relationship binds two people in such a way that they understand each other’s deep feelings.

The house of passion, and deep love

The 8th house of human astrology. As Venus enters the 8th house, The romance between the two takes the deepest meaning. They understand each other in a way that no one can. It’s like two bodies with one soul. Their chemistry is on a different level. At this moment they no need to utter a word to communicate everything shared or known with just a glance. Here They realize the deepest understanding of their relationship, whether it’s physically, or mentally. The hidden energies of both of them come together and become one.


Everyone desires to have a partner in their life who can understand them in every aspect of life whether it’s physical, mental, financial, or social and everyone deserves it. But sometimes we lack some areas of life due to our lack of knowledge, awareness, and ego. Here we need to know that love astrology makes these things happen in your life and makes your life blissful, pleasurable, and passionate.

These days it is easy to have a consultation about love astrology with the astrologer. The credit goes to the technology. With a few touches of the screen, you can communicate with the astrologer who is an expert in love astrology. Everyone deserves love in their life.