Store-bought juices are high in sugar content and also contain different preservatives that are unhealthy and one of the reasons behind obesity. With the right juicer at home, one can prepare his/her juice and get their daily intake of natural vitamins and nutrients. One can visit the Hurom juicer website and seek more information about the different models, their specifications, functions, and price rates.

The type of juice the customer wants to drink

When a customer visits an online retail shop or a physical store for purchasing a juicer, he/she must know the difference between a juicer and a juice extractor. If one is seeking to prepare orange juice, grapefruit juice, or a lemonade, a juicer is the best option to indulge in. Similarly, when one plans to prepare kale, spinach, carrot, or any other vegetables or fruits blending, a juice extractor is the right choice. The juice extractors chop or shred fruits and vegetables into small pieces and then the juice is extracted from the pulp.

The space in the kitchen

When one plans to buy a juicer or a juice extractor, he/she needs to determine the space in the kitchen area or cabinet. Based on the height, width, and depth, the product must be selected. When the right size configuration is considered, one can comfortably use the juicer or juice extractor. It is needed to be understood that the appliance will be in use every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Hence, comfort and convenience are important to consider while using and storing the appliance. It is better to visit the Hurom juicer website and look for the different sizes and shapes available for sale. In case the kitchen cabinet has limited space, it is better to buy a small-size juicer or an appliance that can be easily disassembled and stored.

What is the interior décor of the kitchen?

Buying a juicer or juice extractor that doesn’t match the interior décor of the kitchen is a bad investment. Furthermore, it is also important to ensure that the appliance syncs with the rest of the other appliances on display in the kitchen. For instance, if a kitchen is filled with appliances made of steel, it is wise to pick a juicer with the same finish. Maintaining an aesthetic appeal of the kitchen interior is recommended by home interior experts.

Quantity of juice

Considering the quantity of juice that will be prepared in a day determines the model, size, and features of a juicer, or juice extractor. Small juice extractors or juicers are perfect for couples and singles. Churning out one glass or a couple of glasses at a time can be easily catered by small juicers. On the other hand, a large family demands at least four to six glasses of juice at a time. It can be easily catered to with large-capacity juice extractors and juicers. Based on the size of the family, and the quantity of juice that needs to be churned, the right model should be considered.


The above-mentioned factors are often ignored by the buyer but are equally important. It is highly recommended to visit the Hurom juicer website and shortlist a few models and compare their pros and cons before selecting a particular juicer.