Easter is just around the corner. Perhaps you chose to give up candy for Lent and you have been staring at the calendar eagerly waiting for Easter. If so, we have the perfect suggestion for you: Bee Man Honeystix’s gourmet honey sticks! They are also a great alternative if you don’t want to hand out chocolate eggs to the kids this year. Learn more about why this delectable treat is great for the entire family or your church group!

So many flavors to choose from!

With eight individual flavors from cinnamon, orange, and sour lemon all the way down through green apple peppermint, or even blue raspberry – there’s no limit on how many sticks we can give ya’ (though we recommend at least one variety pack). So what do y’all think? Too good not to resist!? That’s exactly what we thought!

You can make an adorable Easter basket!

Children are bound to fall in love with the abundance of colors that can be provided by our variety pack! You can even try encouraging the kids to participate in a “flavored honey sticks hunt” if you’re feeling especially crafty.

Easy to use and take on the go

Learning how to use a honey stick is as easy as pie. They are a great way to enjoy the taste of fresh honey without mess or hassle. Simply open up your favorite sweet treat, insert it into one end and suck away!

Useful for so many of your favorite recipes

Honeystix is the perfect gift for any foodie in your life. We have blogs full of delicious recipes that will keep them content and excited, no matter what their favorite flavors may be!

We got a Kosher Certification by the Orthodox Union

Why not treat those who may not celebrate Easter as well? Perhaps you have a friend or a neighbor who adheres to the Kosher diet. The Orthodox Union is one of the “big five” organizations that certifies food as being kosher, with more than half its Certified Traders qualifying under this certification.

They’re appropriate to give to just about everybody

From children to your grandmother, just about everyone can appreciate a good ol’ stick. Its natural sweetness makes it perfect for kids and adults alike, so get out there with this classic treat next time you need some help sweetening up your day!

What our valued customers have said

“My family loved it and will definitely be buying it again.” – Jennifer S.

“They were really good. I love honey stix!” – Dessa M.

“These honey sticks are really good quality and the flavors compliment the honey so well. I’ll definitely buy it again.” – Juliana A.

“I have purchased quite a few honeystix as gifts. My friends love them.” –  Beverley J.

“I ordered the variety pack and so far the flavors I tasted are great…. My son wants to eat them by himself daily. Great taste added to my tea.” – Jawana W.

Get yours right now!

In our experience, the demand for our honey sticks often exceeds supply. This can be a problem if you want them right away because they might not arrive in time!