Thermage - AAYNA

Thermage FLX is a revolutionary treatment dedicated to the face and body that today represents the best alternative to cosmetic surgery to treat wrinkles, signs of aging, and skin laxity. The medical device uses a patented monopolar radiofrequency technology, which, unlike the bipolar, one can transfer heat much deeper into the layers of the dermis richest in collagen. 

FDA approved, this one-sided technology smoothens, firms, and tones skin for a naturally younger appearance. Thermage acts on the skin with a double mechanism: an immediate tightening effect and the activation of fibroblasts, which with the consequent production of new endogenous collagen gives life to real skin rejuvenation.

What is Thermage FLX?

The thermage flx device is an FDA-approved technological feat that exploits monopolar radiofrequency. Unlike bipolar, it can transfer heat much deeper into the layers of the dermis, richest in collagen. The new medical device, in a single session, smoothes, firms, and tones the skin for a naturally younger appearance, with little or no downtime for the patient. Designed to give maximum results with a quick and comfortable procedure, it is total body and suitable for all skin types.

Rejuvenation skin therapy: thermal energy is transmitted in-depth to the tissues, where the skin relaxation originates, exerting a therapeutic action. The applied heat causes the collagen fibers to contract with a consequent and immediate tensor effect, reactivating the neocollagenesis and gradually restoring tone and elasticity to the skin of the face and body, with beneficial effects also on the microcirculation. Much more than a therapy, a deep skin regeneration with a natural lifting effect.

The Treatment

The thermage device features a sophisticated handpiece that releases a controlled amount of energy in the form of heat. By uniformly heating the tissues and penetrating the deepest layers, it awakens the vital functions of the skin by reshaping the face and body. Treatment is quick and easy and generally well tolerated. It is performed in the clinic, under local anesthesia, in the absence of side effects, and without any post-treatment convalescence. After the session, a slight redness remains, which disappears within a few hours.

The treatable areas are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Forehead
  • Upper eyelid
  • Eye contour or thermage 眼 (eye) treatment
  • Abdomen
  • Inner Arms
  • Inner/Outer thigh
  • Buttocks


The result is immediate, progressive, and stable. An instant skin-tightening effect is followed by progressive results from the second to the sixth month, the time necessary for the formation of new collagen, and stable from three to five years.

Who are the candidates for Thermage treatment?

Those who aim to rejuvenate the gaze, who wish to correct slight, moderate, or severe imperfections of the face and body, erase wrinkles, imperfections, expression lines, skin laxity, and sagging of the skin, but also young women and men who want do prevention.


It is a simple, fast, safe treatment. At the end of the session, the patient can return to his normal activities. Thanks to this new vibrating handpiece, the technology guarantees better results and greater comfort for the patient. It considerably reduces the sense of discomfort while the effectiveness of the treatment is increased.