The world is still fighting its battle against the pandemic that unfortunately ravaged the whole world with all its might. The counting went to lacks as authorities kept on counting the dead bodies. People lost their lives and loved ones to it. They also lost their occupation to this one thing as well. The struggle was all over the world. Lockdowns were imposed to keep people away from each other. From metal health deterioration to other different issues, Covid caused too many problems along with it. Children lost years of their childhood to this disease as they were prohibited from coming out in public for long enough. Their education along with mental and physical health saw a lag.

But it didn’t take the world long to fight this disease as well. Constant research and tireless service resulted in medicines and vaccines which successfully brought it under control. But this is not the end still. As Covid took a step back, something else is coming forward. It is nothing but Long Covid- the symptoms which are side effects of the disease. People who successfully overcame the disease are falling prey to these symptoms. The intensity of the side effects is not similar for every patient. While some symptoms are quite common, some are being noticed only in few numbers of people. Covid just didn’t stop alone; it is taking a toll on the health of the patients with the help of Long Covid. But there is also a way to deal with it. The best way to deal with symptoms of long Covid is by taking care of health and listening to the calls of your body.

The symptoms

The symptoms of Long Covid include breathlessness, fatigue, attention issues, muscle and joint pain, chest pain and more. It is not necessary for a single patient to experience all the symptoms. These symptoms can be there for even a year after recovering from the disease. Being aware of the long covid symptoms (อาการลองโควิต, term in Thai) help patients to decide when to seek medical attention.

Long Covid and recovery

Currently there are no specific treatments for long covid. But the symptoms can definitely get treated. Patients must understand their own capacity during the recovery period. Long Covid can be seen in children as well. Proper care and medical attention can help in improving the condition. While it is advisable to stay active, overdoing oneself is never advisable. Patients might need short rests to deal with the fatigue. When there is an issue with concentration and memory, one can try taking notes of things to remember.

In case of chest pain, it is necessary to stay aware and take medical help when necessary. The symptoms of Long Covid might deteriorate even after improving for a certain period of time. Vaccination is the best way to stay safe from these effects. Studies have found that people experienced improved condition of the symptoms after vaccination. Staying aware and following the advice of medical practitioners will be helpful in dealing with long covid symptoms.