The skin plays a major role in contributing to your overall look. In fact, it does not matter what skin color you have as long as the skin surface is flawless and healthy. There are many natural ways to achieve healthy and glowing skin. But these methods are time-consuming and do not work for every skin type.

Most people spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best natural skin treatment method through hit and trial of various skin treatments using herbs and plant products. But in reality, this might do more harm than good. That is why it is always advisable to rely on trusted cosmetic treatments like Clinique Anti Aging skin treatments to get the desired skin.

There are several skin treatment methods in the world of cosmetology. But not all of them are safe and based on results. One of the most efficient and trustworthy skincare methods is LED light skin therapy.

What is LED light skin therapy?

In LED light skin therapy, a light-emitting diode is used to glow up the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Light waves ranging from blue to infrared are used in this process. The different color light waves have different effects on the surface of the skin and also penetrate the skin layer to alter the cells beneath the skin.

How does it work?

The LED light screen is placed near the skin and light waves of different radiation are emitted from it. The underside of your skin has components called chromophores that absorb the light energy being provided. Once these chromophores absorb the light energy, they undergo an alteration at the molecular level. This alteration is depended on the type of light being projected into the skin.

This whole process will stimulate the mitochondria that reside deep in the skin cells to produce more energy. Since more energy is being produced by the mitochondria, the overall activeness of skin cells increases, making them healthier. This gets reflected as glowing skin on the surface.

Using red light will stimulate the production of elastin that promotes the elasticity of the skin surface, making your skin look younger and healthier. Yellow light tightens and detoxifies the skin. LED treatment can also help to heal the skin after more intensive skin correction treatments.

In short, LED skin correction treatment is an effective treatment method to make your skin glow without any side effects.