A Becosule capsule is a multivitamin additive that carries a thiamine (B1) ribbon. There are eight subtypes of vitamin B, also known as Vitamin B-complex. Each of these vital vitamins existing in the body leads to your body’s overall health and functioning.

  1. Critical ingredients of Becosule capsules

The composition of Becosule capsules is 

  • Vitamin B1- 10 mg.
  • Vitamin B2- 10 mg.
  • Vitamin B3- 100 mg.
  • Vitamin B5- 50 mg.
  • Vitamin B6- 3 mg.
  • Vitamin B7- 100 mcg.
  • Vitamin B9- 1.5 mg.
  • Vitamin B12- 15 mcg.
  1. Utilisation of Becosule capsules

Vitamin-B is a multivitamin complex utilized to repair tissues and cure sore tongue and mouth ulcers. Becosule capsules benefit in preventing premature greying of hair too. 

It is also very beneficial for people who lower diets with an immensely decreased food selection. It serves in the recovery of those with diabetes mellitus and alcoholic issues.

  1. Key Ingredients of Becosule Syrup

The composition of Becosules syrup is: 

  • Thiamine Hydrochloride- 2 mg
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride- 2 mg
  • Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate- 2.54 mg
  • D-panthenol- 6 mg
  • Niacinamide- 20 mg
  • Ascorbic acid- 75 mg
  1. Uses of Becosule Syrup

Becosule syrup is a multivitamin that improves overall health and wellness by enhancing metabolism and repairing tissues. It acts as a defence mechanism against infections by enhancing immune function. 

Also, it is used to treat sore tongue and mouth ulcers and maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails.

  1. Specialties of the significant ingredients 

Every ingredient used in the formation of the Becosule capsule has a specialty along with it.

  • Vitamin B complex: These are required for the normal functioning of muscles, nerves, blood cells, and eyes. They decrease anaemia and lead to smoother cardiovascular health.  
  • Vitamin C: This substance is an antioxidant necessary for the growth and development of body tissues. It promotes collagen synthesis.
  • Zinc: It plays an integral part in the proper functioning of the thyroid and growth. It additionally enhances the more refined vision of the eyes.
  1. Side effects of Becosule

There are several side effects linked with Becosule Capsule, too; they are listed below:

  • Immoderate thirst 
  • Gout
  • Headache
  • Increase in blood sugar levels
  • Skin problems 
  • Eyesight issues
  • Liver problems 
  • Rashes
  • Dryness of hair
  • The discoloration of urine
  1. Precautions while consuming Becosule capsule and syrup!

If you are intaking any other supplements or diet items, it is always recommended to inform your healthcare consultant to prevent drug interactivity. Please keep it cool and dry so that the quality doesn’t get compromised. 

Do not consume more than the advised content of Becosule. Always hold on it away from the outreach of little children.

It is affordable and beneficial

The price of Becosule capsules is Rs. 40 for each leaf. And the price of Becosule syrup is Rs. 34. Becosule capsules benefit in curing you of many problems, and it is pretty affordable too. 

If you require more detailed information about Becosule capsules, you can always check out our website.  Never consume it without a proper recommendation from a doctor.