If you want to give your mother a different kind of gift this year instead of traditional chocolate or flowers, then we think that a bundle of honey sticks may just be the perfect solution for you! This is especially true if your mama wants to lay off the sugar, is concerned for the environment, is on a Kosher diet, or would benefit from something non-perishable so she can appreciate them for months to come! So what exactly is the scoop on these delectable and irresistible honey sticks? We have all the reasons you could ask for to get your mother on board with our flavored honey sticks!

No sugar? No problem!

Who needs artificial sweeteners to satisfy a sweet tooth? Not you and neither does your mother! This is a healthier alternative that she will certainly appreciate!

Easy to use and take on the go

Learning how to use a honey stick is as simple as breathing. No need to worry about messes that will cause havoc on your day. Just grab them and get going!

A multitude of flavors to choose from

Does your mother have a favorite flavor of sweets, such as cinnamon or green apple, or would she be content with plain old traditional flavored honey sticks? You can choose from a single flavor pack or a variety pack!

She can use it in all her favorite recipes!

Tea? Baked goods? Our sticks make perfect additions to some of mom’s signature cooking!

Officially certified by the Kosher Union

We believe that everybody should be included when it comes to sharing honey sticks, that’s why we became Kosher Union certified.

100% recyclable plastic

Most traditional candy comes with wrapping that will be too dirty and sticky to recycle. If you want to help your mom decrease her carbon footprint, then we’ve got fantastic news for you. Once you’re done with the stick, you can throw it in the recycle pin knowing you helped the Earth..even if it’s just a little bit

Great for grandmas and aunts too

Wouldn’t it be selfish to only give the gift of these sticks to just one mother you know? What about a sister, aunt, grandma, or even your wife?

Testimonials from Real Customers

“All the flavors were phenomenal and the shipping was quick. My suggestion for everyone to try-well all of them- but actual suggestion would be the Piña Colada, sour lemon, and the blue raspberry. I even took it to my manager and told her we should bulk order and sell them in her restaurant and she seemed on board. I’ll definitely be ordering in the future.” – Morgan T., Free Variety Sample Pack, Verified

“Delicious! I love the Pina Colada flavor, but having all the different flavors to try is a treat!” – Brandon K., Variety Pack, Verified

Let yourself get a little creative this year for Mother’s Day. Why not even get yourself a free sample? Just go directly to the website before May 8th comes around and try it for yourself if you are still not convinced! Life is simply too short not to appreciate the sweet side of honey sticks!