CBD is one of the natural ingredients which is highly beneficial for both humans as well as animals. It can ease pain, induce restful sleep, calm nerves, keep emotions, and many others. You can buy CBD oil conveniently as many brands manufacture it, but at the same time, it is essential to know about the brand before purchasing it to get the best benefit. You can buy CBD products for your cats to improve their health. Several types of CBD cat products available in Holista pet are organic.

Benefits of CBD

Holistapet manufactures many types of CBD cat products that are organic and provide many benefits to the health of cats by improving their conditions. It activates the cat’s endocannabinoid system, also known as ESC. This internal system maintains many essential body functions like discomfort, memory, mood, appetite, and swelling.

CBD can reduce stress levels in cats as they bond with the environment, making them take longer to get used to different environments and stressing them out. So, in this situation, you occasionally give CBD oil to your cat. Moreover, for any chronic condition in a cat, CBD products will help reduce the cat’s anxiety and pain.

The frightening experience of the cat may be due to seizures which you need to observe. If this is the condition of your cat, then you must visit the veterinarian and take their suggestion of offering CBD products to the cat to improve their situation. CBD is also beneficial in improving this condition.

Side Effects of CBD

While CBD cat products are generally considered safe, there are some potential side effects of giving your cat too much CBD. If you notice any of these side effects in your cat after giving them CBD, stop giving them the supplement and contact your vet.

CBD dose for cat

150 mg should be taken of CBD oil by cats who weigh less than 20 pounds, whereas those between 20 to 60 pounds can take up to 300mg of it. Holistapet packs it in a dropper container, making it easy and more convenient to use and carry. It would be best to take care of it so that you do not overdose on your cat, as it will result in reflecting side effects. However, with CBD oil Holistic Pet also has a CBD capsule for cats which also needs to be taken care of before giving them. It can be given directly in the mouth or mixed with any food or snacks.


CBD cat products are highly beneficial for cats’ health, as discussed above. Being beneficial, you must also take care not to overdose on your cat, as overdosing may result in side effects.