Breast cancer is one of the most discussed cancer types of this time. Breast cancer has some common myths that result in improper treatment. But knowing the myths and facts, people can be more aware and attentive to its treatment. Let’s know about those common myths about breast cancer. To learn more, follow the article. 

Underwire Bra Increases Breast Cancer Risk

Underside bra is not any cause of breast cancer. But in an underwire bra, the wire can irritate the breast. Sometimes it causes a specific breakdown, and it widens the entryway of bacteria that can cause inflammation.

IVF Can Be Responsible For Breast Cancer

In IVF, doctors may prescribe drugs to help the ovaries produce eggs. These drugs are generally used to mimic the estrogen work. Sometimes, it can cause estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. But this is not directly related to breast cancer. 

A Family History Of Breast Cancer Is Responsible For Breast Cancer.

Most people who have no family history of breast cancer still get it. The doctors say breast cancer is not an inherited disease. Many reasons make people develop cancer in their bodies, including smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, etc. Still, if you have a history of breast cancer in your family, you can examine yourself regularly. 

People With Healthy Lifestyle Won’t Get Breast Cancer.

A balanced diet and reduced consumption of alcohol and exercise contribute to a healthy lifestyle and lower cancer risk. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will be away from serious diseases like breast cancer. But that does not necessarily mean that you will not develop breast cancer. 

Only Women Have Breast Cancer

This is one of the biggest myths about breast cancer. Men can also have breast cancer as they have breast tissue. Male of any age can get breast cancer. Still, this is very common for the old aged persons. The symptoms of breast cancer are also the same as those of women. Those symptoms include lump/swelling in the breast, flaky breast skin, irritation, etc. If the prostate gland of males gets affected by lifestyle, obesity, etc., they can get breast cancer. 


These all are some common myths about breast cancer. Hope these myths are dispelled here in the right way. Nowadays, breast cancer is common. You can learn more about breast cancer from this site. But adopting a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk. The earlier a doctor identifies it, the earlier the problem can be cured.