After forty years of using human growth hormone supplements to make lean muscle mass, a study shows that these supplements can also grow ovaries and testicles in both men and women. For more deatils visit

The study showed that using HGH did not raise testosterone levels to those naturally produced by men and did contribute significantly to the growth of male sex organs. An individual would need to take the supplement for five years for their testes to reach a similar size as those of an average 20-year-old man.

Human growth hormones are supplements used to promote muscle growth and fat loss. According to Fox News, the HGH supplements are synthetic hormones made from the pituitary glands of human corpses.

The pituitary gland naturally produces the hormone in humans. It is responsible for providing many positive benefits to the human body, such as improved stamina, increased muscle mass, and a boost in energy levels. Human growth hormone also enhances cognitive performance in adults, such as improved memory, quicker thinking processes, and higher motivation levels.

Human growth hormones are available as injections or pills that can be taken orally. Both of these forms have the same benefits, but the pills can be taken on an intermittent schedule, once daily or daily. Individuals who decide to take the human growth hormone supplements will increase their feedback hormones like testosterone. This can have beneficial effects such as muscle gain and fat loss.

Despite its benefits, human growth hormone is ineffective in every person, and several other factors may affect the body’s ability to produce this hormone naturally. These factors include environment, genetics, and illness, among others. In addition, to boost a person’s performance by increasing muscle mass, HGH also helps increase their metabolism levels, for the body burns more calories at rest or performing physical activity.

Scientists believe the study is significant because it shows that human growth hormone can also contribute to man’s ability to produce a closer-to-natural testosterone state. This may be because the hormone helps to stimulate an individual’s body parts and hormones involved in sperm production. Researchers used testicle cells obtained from rats to analyze the results.

These supplements have been used by athletes and bodybuilders over the past few years and have proven effective in building lean muscle mass. The use of these supplements, however, is being questioned by many medical experts (See: here).

Human growth hormone supplements have been called “the next anti-aging pill.” Many doctors recommend that their patients take human growth hormone supplements even if they are not hormone deficient. Many people do not get enough sleep or exercise and therefore do not produce enough of the hormone naturally. These primary factors make this a suitable option for most adults.