Nowadays there are very little amount of kids that we find playing outside rest of them are packed with their phones watching YouTube playing games, video games, etc. The children should go outside to play so that they get a little break from looking at their mobile screens. No matter whether it’s raining or sunny or foggy kids need to have some exercises indoors which not only engage them, but also everyone in the family. We got a list of exercises for kids to have some fun at home. These can be done in the hall only, if not in your garden. Exercise is not a serious thing it is really fun and a good time for the kids. Know more about: Youth sports conditioning


These enable everyone to move, you can also try a different way of pushups which is popcorn pushups which lower yourself to the floor, place a small bowl of popcorn there, and with every thrust of your tongue, catch a bit of popcorn.

Jumping jacks.

They are so easy and incredible for cooperation and fetching your heart going. When your kids couldn’t sleep try this out.


It is an awesome activity for your muscles and blood circulating to the brain, so your kids frequently stay real.

TikTok / Reel.

Engage your kid and your family in a little bit of entertainment. This helps them move around and along.


It’s one of the great exercises which keeps your entire body active. Steam Cleaning is one of the good and effective exercises.

Dance party.

There is no better exercise than dancing so put your music on and start dancing.

Temper tantrum.

Swing, shuffle, and shout, you can have fun and be fit.

Sock skating.

Put on socks and use skateboarding if you keep hardwood bottoms. Check out some swirls, and hockey visits, or see who can slide far.

Bubble Bashing.

Blow some bubbles and tell your children to pop them.

Jump-Rope Games.

From playing solo to in group these jump rope keeps your kids in motion.


There are several games to play with balloons inside your house, you can play catch and catch with your balloons.

Scavenger hunt.

Write some indications and cover up them and let your kids find them and then give them a gift at the end.

Animal races.

Jump like a rabbit or frog. Squat and toddle like a duck.

Freeze Dance.

This is a fun game, you can pause the music and freeze in your dance step till the music plays again.

Pillow fight.

This is a fun game the whole family can engage in it from kids to the elder people will enjoy this game as it fills you with lots of laughter till your stomach pains. This is a must-exercise for your body and your mental health.