In the world of dentistry, tooth fillings are some of the most commonly done dental procedures. Every year, dental professionals fill hundreds of thousands of tooth cavities, which are small gaps in the center of teeth. If these gaps are left open or untreated, the affected tooth becomes exposed to bacteria and plaque, leading to infection and a much bigger problem. 

Getting your tooth cavity filled is better before the situation worsens. If your teeth become more decayed, you may have to do bigger and possibly more expensive dental treatments. Visit a Fullerton family dentist to receive a medical diagnosis of your teeth and know your treatment options. 

FAQ about tooth fillings

  • What does the tooth-filling procedure include?

First, the dentist numbs the patient’s mouth, particularly the area around the affected tooth, for a painless experience. Then, they drill a hole into the damaged tooth to remove the decayed matter. After cleaning and disinfecting the tooth, the hole is filled with either silver, gold, or composite material. The patient can choose which material they prefer for the filling. You also have the option to get a filling exactly the same as your tooth color. 

  • How much does a tooth filling cost?

The average starting cost of a tooth filling is $145. The costs can vary depending on the following factors: 

  • Skills and experience level of the dentist.
  • The material used by the dentist (gold costs more than silver, silver costs more than composite, and so on)
  • The size of the filling
  • The amount of remaining tooth structure. 

  • How to know if you need tooth filling?

If you have tooth decay or cavities, your dentist will probably suggest a tooth filling before the condition gets worse. Stand in front of the mirror with your mouth agape and look for small holes or cracks on the surface of your teeth. If you spot something damaged, it is time to see a dentist. Pain while eating or drinking may also indicate that you need a filling. 

  • What should I expect after a filling?

After your tooth-filling procedure, you should be able to eat and drink things as you normally would without any extra safety precautions. You won’t even notice the differences in your tooth as it will look completely natural (if you opt for the composite option). You may experience some mild sensitivity in the filled tooth for 48 hours. If the pain resides after 2 days, talk to your dentist in Fullerton.