People can stop having a plump complexion and wrinkled and saggy skin as people age, as these are pretty natural. But there are some preventive measures that you can take to keep your skin healthy. One of those effective treatments is botox (โบท็อกซ์, which is the term in Thai). Before you take the treatment, there are certain things that you should know. Let’s read the article to learn the essential things you should know before having botox. 

Consultation Should Be The First Step

Before you take botox treatment, make sure to have a consultation. In that case, the professional may ask you to smile and raise your eyebrows. They check how they will proceed with the treatment in this way, showing how your face naturally moves. 

The professionals can also ask you some primary questions related to your health because certain medications can react with botox. 

Make Sure About The Treatment

It is the very first thing that you should consider while taking botox. Ensure that the doctor is an official vendor of things you need to inject. There are so many Botox treatment options in the world. But you should choose one who is reputed for doing the botox. Otherwise, continued, dangerous, and potentially damaged products will be a risk. 

Let’s Bargain

If you are having botox treatment at a lower cost, you may get a diluted dosage, or your doctor has purchased it from a place where the price of pharmaceutical products is lower than in other areas. It is not only illegal to buy these types of products internationally, and it may compromise the effectiveness of the same product.

It’s Temporary

Before you take the treatment, you should remember that the treatment will not show you a long-lasting result. The doctors say that the average Botox duration is not more than three to four months, and many factors make the botox fade faster than usual. 

Different Cost

The botox cost is not the same for everyone, and it depends on the quality of the botox used and per the unit or the areas you need treatment. Generally, the dermatologist defines the actual cost of your treatment, and the board-certified injectors charge more than others. So, you should not go to less expensive treatment as it may compromise the quality of the treatment. 


Before you take the service, make sure about the purpose as the botox provides wrinkle treatment and a lot. So, it would help if you discussed with your consultant your needs so that they can suggest suitable treatment.