Have wrinkles started giving you a scare already? Were you late at noticing the early signs of aging and now the fine lines just won’t respond to any serum you’ve been applying?

Whatever the condition is, you need to know that there are treatments like botox that can help you fight aging in the most graceful manner. 

We have specifically curated this guide to address all the concerns about filler treatments and to bust the many myths that might be holding you back. Dive in!

What do Botox injections target?

Does the idea of injecting anything artificial inside the skin scare you and that’s why you’ve been avoiding this gem of a technique? If yes, you need to stop worrying.

Botox isn’t unnatural. It’s made of real proteins that, when injected inside the wrinkled area, relax (in medical terms, temporarily paralyzes) the muscles. 

Once the muscles relax, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles smoothes out. It’s like ironing clothes to remove wrinkles.

Besides, botox is an FDA-approved anti-aging treatment that’s safe to be performed around the corners of the mouth, corner of the eyes, and the forehead too.  

Now that you know what botox targets – wrinkles and fine lines – let’s bust some myths so that you can make an informed decision. 

5 botox-related myths that have to be busted

  1. The results are permanent – Nothing can stop aging, and botox is no different. If you’re worried that you might not like the results and you’ll have to live with them forever, get over the fear already. Skin will eventually age again.
  2. The texture of the skin will get ruined – It’s one of the saddest myths. Botox evens out the appearance of the skin, making fine lines disappear.
  3. It’s unsafe – The FDA has approved botox safe. It can be administered around the corners of the eyes as well as the mouth. 
  4. It’s extremely uncomfortable – It’s surely minimally invasive, but the magic work is MINIMAL. There’s nothing that you can’t handle.
  5. The effects appear immediately – It will take at least 5 days for the first signs of wrinkles to disappear. The results will dramatically knock at your door after 2 weeks. You’ll have younger-looking skin for as long as six months.  

Concluding Thoughts:

Your only focus should be on finding the best doctors. Clinics such as clinicare are the safety benchmarks when administering botox injections. 

As long as your doctor is experienced, all you have to do is follow the advice. Rest, you can leave at the hands of the dermat.