It is no fun staying in the hospital, we surrender to the healthcare professionals hoping whatever they do would be the best for us. It is extremely difficult for the children to see the days pass by lying on the hospital bed.

Pediatric home health care allows medically fragile children to evade extended hospital stays and receive professional care in the comfort of the home. Still, when a child is recovering, it is hard to find activities to pass time even if they are receiving care at home.

A Patient’s Survival Guide to Pediatric Home Care

Before the arrival of the patient, the room is prepared and the required medical equipment is set up necessary for their recovery or survival. Often, the room looks similar to a hospital ward and it becomes quite depressing for the child.

To help them have stress-free time, parents can plan different activities for the child to beat boredom.

Plan a Get-Together with Friends

Just because you are bed-bound does not mean you can not have fun. Most patients think being stuck in bed means you have to be deprived of all the fun activities. Instead, parents can plan fun activities with the child’s friends or siblings.

For instance, they can play games, watch movies, read books, or solve puzzles. That way, they can have fun and may learn something new and useful.

Talk About Your Fear of Needles 

Most children have a fear of needles, therefore, it is best to inform pediatric home health care nurses about it. They can assist you in overcoming this fear or distract yourself by playing a game on your iPad or reading a book. Often, doctors apply an anesthetic cream to ensure it does not hurt much.

Ask Questions

If you have any queries or if something is troubling you about your health condition, do not be afraid to talk to a healthcare professional about it. Write down the questions to ask the doctor the next time you visit.

Best Ways to Take the Medicine

For children, the most dreadful thing is taking bitter medicines, simply remember, these are essential for recovery. Drink water first as it makes swallowing the medicine easier. Keep a glass of a milkshake or your favorite drink to have a sip as soon as you swallow the pill.

Alternatively, you can try an ice lolly or anything cold to numb the taste buds and get rid of the taste of the medicine.

Catch Some Sleep

Since you are recovering, it is best to rest and get some sleep instead of watching TV or playing games for hours. Try to follow an effective bedtime routine by sleeping at a specific time, change into pajamas, have a warm cup of milk, and brush teeth.


Every patient’s journey to recovery is different, therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all guide for all patients. Parents and pediatric health care nurses help patients plan fun activities and make these difficult times not so scary and dreadful.