4 Best amplifying headphones for hard of hearing

Best amplifying headphones 

If you were wondering about amplified earbuds and got confused with the information, variety and options available online; we have got you covered.

This article is a thorough and step by step guide providing the right information with clarity.

Finding the perfect pair of hearing aids can be a daunting task so we have gathered the 4 best amplifying headphones for hard of hearing that will enhance your sense of hearing.

Hearing aids are electronic devices which amplify sound and make it clear in order to experience better hearing. Although they may not restore hearing but can definitely help you hear better. All hearing aids consist of the same components which are microphone, speaker, amplifier, and battery but the quality is different for sure.

Hearing aids are designed with different features like connecting it with your phone in order to listen to music or make phone calls. They can be customized and adjusted according to both quiet and noisy situations.

Here is the list of 4 best amplifying headphones for hard of hearing that has been researched, reviewed and recommended by most of the audiobiologists:

Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones

4 best amplifying earphones for hard of hearing

Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo

Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo is developed with  the latest bluetooth technology along with quality digital signal processor. It is designed with premium features that makes it compatible with both ios and android versions. The background noise is amplified with its amplification power of up to 35db.

Charge And Carrying Case:

Acuity Duo is dual when it comes to its Case. The case can hold and at the same time recharge the earphones with its built-in rechargeable battery. The operating time is extended up to 30 hrs when used with charge and carrying case.

Easy to Use:

Modified with simple design to be used for everyone with mild to moderate hearing loss.


  • Digital Chip
  • Personalized APP
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • HD Voice
  • Long Battery LIfe
  • Noise Cancellation

Price (to be added in button-check price/buy $299.00

Acuity Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones

Acuity Wireless Stereo

Hear+Hi Acuity combines a revolutionary wireless true wireless stereo (TWS) headset with a digital signal processing (DSP) co-processor to deliver the most advanced personalization for mobile calling, web conferencing, media streaming and public address. It provides an enhanced auditory experience. The My Hearing Acuity smartphone app allows users to customize and personalize their Acuity to their specific hearing profile.

Around-the-neck lightweight collar design: 

It is easily adjustable and elegantly made to fit snugly around the neck.


  • Digital Chip
  • Personalized APP
  • Amplified Bluetooth Earbuds
  • USB Charge
  • 10 hrs Battery Life
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 8 Channel Processing
  • 10 Level Volume Adjustment

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Acuity Rechargeable ITC Digital Hearing Amplifier Earphone

              Acuity rechargeable ITC Digital Hearing Amplifier

Manufactured with built-in power saving software that prolongs operating hours by conserving battery life .The charging storage case is made to be stealthy and virtually undetectable while serving both charging and storage purposes.


Reverberation is frequently brought on by hard surfaces, including acoustic reflections and echoes from the surroundings. This feature uses complex algorithms to capture and reduce reverberations to deliver a clearer, more natural sound.

Noise Filtering Technology:

Built-in noise filtering technology ensures users get the best listening experience. The sound received by the aid is processed through integrated noise filtering technology, which lowers background noise’s frequency so users can hear the person they are talking to more clearly.


  • Tiny and undetectable ITC (In-the-Canal) style
  • Comfortable Body Fit Design (weigh 2g)
  • Dual-Functional Box (Storage & Charging)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Advance Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Long Battery Life

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Acuity Wireless RIC Digital Hearing Amplifier Earphones (MFI)

4 best amplifying earphones for hard of hearing (2)

Acuity wireless RIC Digital Hearing Amplifier

Hear better with Made for iPhone compatible hearing aids that connect to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for the most highly personalized hearing experience so users can stream audio, make calls, adjust settings, and more can be done.

Bluetooth Low Energy:

As its name suggests, an amplified bluetooth headset is a great aspect installed in MFI to lower down the power consumption and cost at a similar communication range.

IPhone Compatible

When connected to an iphone, users will be able to make phone calls, listen to music and videos. Users can speak normal conversations by holding the phone up to the device. Due to this, customers may make and receive phone calls at the same volume without having to alter it for their hearing needs.


  • Revolutionized 16-Channel DSP Processing
  • Wary and Undetectable Receiver-In-the Canal(RIC) Styling
  • Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier
  • 95 Hrs Battery Life
  • Noise Filtering
  • Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Compatible With IOS Devices

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Final Thoughts:

There are multiple factors to consider before you choose the type of amplifying earphones you want, like cost, design, features, battery power and most importantly how comfortable you will be with the one that you want.

If your hearing loss is mild you can use Iphone listening airpods which you will be pairing with the phone otherwise in severe cases you are strongly recommended for amplifying earbuds for hard of hearing.

“Acuity Rechargeable ITC Digital Hearing Amplifier Earphone” is the best option for the people who are kind of shy to show their hearing aids. If you are constantly annoyed by the devices with low operating hours then we have got for you the “Acuity RIC Digital Hearing Amplifier Earphones (MFI)” with the 95 Hrs long battery life.

For style and quality look no further than “Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones”. In case of tight budget we have “Acuity Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones” for you.

In either case the choice is yours to make but one thing is for sure you will no longer be asking others to speak louder or turn up the TV volume for you.


Does Acuity DUO support both Android and Apple devices?

Yes, absolutely.Acuity Duo is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

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Following are the three reasons that mark us as the best in the business:

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Aren’t hearing devices only for aged people?

Sound amplifying earphones are made for hearing-impaired people and not just old people. Over 60 percent of the hearing deficits people are under the age of 65.

How can you tell when someone is losing their hearing?

Most of the people may not be aware of hearing loss because they are still able to hear the louder sounds but when it comes to high pitched sounds they will miss most of the sounds.

However, we have customized hearing tests facilitated by the “My Hearing Acuity” app supported by both IOS & Android versions.