When should you buy a Home Hospital Bed?

When should you buy a Home Hospital Bed?

When a person experiences decreased mobility and independence many aspects of their life can suddenly change. New health or mobility challenges can particularly affect their comfort and safety during sleep. When getting in and out of bed and repositioning become harder, sometimes transitioning between a regular bed and a hospital bed can help overcome some of those challenges.

What exactly is the difference between a regular bed and a hospital bed?

The difference between a regular bed and a hospital bed for starters, is that all homecare beds feature the same articulations as modern day adjustable beds. That means that at the simple touch of a button, the backrest angle in your bed can be brought up and down to help you find the perfect resting position. Hospital beds also offer articulating legrests, which raise and lower behind the knee. Raising your legs for sleep or rest helps to decrease pressure on your lower legs and feet.

How are hospital beds different from adjustable beds?

The difference between hospital beds for home and adjustable beds can be hard to catch because both have adjustable backrests and legrests. But the main difference between both types of beds is that a medical bed can go lower and higher. The hi-low function in these beds is crucial for many users.

How does it help? When a home care bed is lowered as close as possible to the ground, it prevents users from getting seriously hurt in case of a fall. When the full electric bed is lowered, the chances of someone suffering a serious bump is decreased.

When the bed is raised, it becomes easier for caregivers to care for the patient. Without having to bend over to dress, feed or tidy the person, a caregivers’ job becomes simpler. The option to raise the fully electric bed can also help the patient to enter and leave the bed easily. Adjustable beds do not offer a hi-low function.

What accessories are available with electric hospital beds?

Another feature that separates a regular bed from a hospital bed are the different features and accessories that you can get for your bed. Instead of a regular mattress, for example, long term care beds can be equipped with pressure redistribution mattresses or low air loss mattresses. These therapeutic surfaces help patients who spend much time in bed prevent and treat pressure sores and skin damage.

Hospital beds can also include Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. When a bed is placed into Trendelenburg position, the bed as a whole tilts forward or backward. Physicians highly recommend this position with respiratory or heart conditions.

Other bed accessories that can be very helpful are trapezes – a medical equipment device that hangs over your bed to help you reposition. Beds also come with your choice of quarter, half or full rails depending on the level of support and protection you need. All of these options make movement and sleep easier if you are spending much of your day and night in bed.

What is the right time to transition into a hospital bed?

Deciding to move into a fully electric bed can be challenging for the patient, but it can also offer a world of comfort opportunities never before experienced. While this is a highly personal decision both for the patient and their families and caregivers, we do believe that one or more of these conditions need to be met for the person to choose a home care bed.

First of all, buying a hospital bed is best for a person who will need its features in the long term. If the bed need is short-term, a hospital bed rental may be a better idea. Secondly, the person must need help entering or exiting their existing bed.

Thirdly, the user must benefit from a therapeutic support surface as opposed to a regular, everyday mattress. And lastly, caregivers may need the added convenience of working with a bed that can adapt both to their needs and those of the patient.

Hospital beds are a real life-saver – after deciding that one will be right for you, its important to look at the many options in the market and determine which item best first into your life.